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About Us


Solidworks Lets Our Ideas Dance

Our passion is turning ideas into tools and products that merge function with style. Working closely with PCB designers and hardware engineers we rapidly turn your design vision into manufacturable 

Intelligent Edge Devices.


One of Our Passionate Projects

Very few design teams have the opportunity to work on a project as all-consuming, lavish, and multi-discipline as the Iconic Motors Super Car. Unlimited budget meets team creative genius. 14 team members delivered a work of art that was exhibited at the Pebble Beach Concours D'Elegance for 4 years running.



Another Labor of Love- Marine

Why stop with luxury automobiles when you can indulge your Miami Vice fantasies with Go Fast Boats and Luxury Yachts. Jumping a 2 million dollar custom Cigarette 39 foot Go Fast sporting 900 horsepower completely out of the water in the Gulf Stream at 65 knots gets the heart beating nicely. For those desiring a more relaxed excursion, step abord a $350 million dollar yacht and sail into the sunset. 


Intelligent Lighting for the Heliophile

Expanding on the new lighting control offered by such companies as Phillips and Amazon, our intelligent fixtures bring the professional theatrical ambience to high end residential and commercial spaces.